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A bad hortigraphist…

… can cook well.

Yes, hortigraphist and not photoculturist it is.

So, I had read that soft & juicy leaves (like spinach) are good to print on. Using simple logic, the softer and juicier the leaf, the better and easier to print. Right? Apparently not.

I chose some nice, fresh, juicy & happy looking lettuce leaves, got my negs (actually positives), glass sheets all in place and after 4 hours or so instead of semi done prints, I had over cooked, boiled disintegrating, ugly (and stinky) lettuce leaves with runny green ink!

Moral of the story being, just like very dry leaves (coconut and big palm leaves types), the very soft ones won’t do either. Sadly, like everything else, it has to be balanced just right.

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