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Fine Tuning

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(Gum Bichromate and Cyanotype images) The paper quality is of utmost importance when it comes to alternative photographic printing processes. Once that is in place the chemicals, coating and acidification of paper need too be placed in order and done … Continue reading

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In the light

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It has been an amazing month of new learnings, trials and errors, art exhibitions and an everyday improvement in the artists developments with their respective alternative photographic printing processes. Today, being friday, was our day with Apoorva. The day ran … Continue reading

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The Art Chamber

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A Retrospective : Mieko Tadokoro’s pinhole camera images are on display at the Art Chamber in Calangute until 30th March 2012. The artist herself was at the venue on the eve of the opening when we got an up close … Continue reading

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Pigment Overview

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After dedicated time and effort and also sufficient amount of research into the effect of changing the time of exposure of the contact print to U.V light, Tashi is inching closer and closer to perfecting the Van Dyke Brown prints! … Continue reading

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Little things..Tashi N

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So many things to do so little time, sharing with you some images of my experience in Goa CAP. Madhavan, in Rajan tea stall, theeee place for discussions, ideas, vada paos, chilli bhaji, and well ‘chai’. Pin hole session with Edson. Poorna … Continue reading

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The four main components of a developer : I. The Reducing agents (not active) II. An Alkali (which acts as the catalyst for activating the reducing agents) III. The Preservative (which stops the spoilage of the developer) IV. The Restrainer … Continue reading

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Making a film developer

Before we absorb the alternative photography process it was key to understand the non alternative or simply speaking  the regular photography process of  B/W developing so we learnt how to make a developer  for  B/W film from scratch. Here is … Continue reading

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