Chandana Gupta

Over the last few years, I have returned to an area of great inquiry and interest that I first discovered while studying photography in London.

I have been exploring older photographic techniques and methods of image registration such as painting with light, Pinhole photography, Camera Obscura, and 3-D photography. My experiments also try to marry the old and the new in a seamless bricolage of pre digital methods that sometimes is, incorporated with electronic graphics.

I am looking to push the boundaries of my medium, and trying to incorporate the tangible quality of older methods of photography in my works. While borrowing from the past, in both choice of camera and sometimes printing methods, affords limitless learning, discovery, and creative opportunities, meshing those antiquated techniques with the seemingly futuristic and ever-changing world that is now digital, makes this an exciting time to be a photographer.

Certain photographic methods which have a very ‘process driven’ approach, bring with them, a quality of light and color appearance, that gives its final image content- an intriguing and interesting; almost organic form.

Giving one a surreal insight into the pencil of nature.

As deep as you go into photography, you learn new patterns and techniques. Recently I have come across one such interesting general physics method of image capture popularized in the 1930’s by Semyon Kirilian rightly named after him as Kirilian photography. It is a high voltage contact photo printing.

For more images and information on my past projects please do visit my Website or pop me a mail on

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  1. Agnel says:

    Hi honey wassup, Photography n all, good to know that ur doin good take care hope u know who’s wit u – Aggi crossroads love krunch……. Wish you a successful & blessed year……
    Warm regards

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