Tushar Joshi

I have no hopes left with photography. I have started to disliking it. Connivence of ‘Digital’ annoys me.The chaos we have created through clutters of images , suffocates. Mindless shutter sounds around is unnerving. I am here to find a recluse to re-search a lost artist in me, a respect for the medium which at this point of life is diminishing inside. I am in a rehab for the treatment, for a quest to find a language of my own through a medium lost in time. There are times in one’s life when you quit running like a headless chicken and wants to contemplate on the direction your heading, Goa-CAP and Daguerreotype is that compass for me.

Name Tushar Joshi
Date of Birth -23 September 1986 Place of Birth- Almora (Uttaranchal)

Beginnings are always important. Where did your journey begin?

I cannot associate with one place, born in Uttaranchal shifted to Indore with my heart and soul in Himalayas of Kumaoun. If you ask me about schooling I would say I don’t want to remember it.My journey began when I decided to not to be part of any convectional carrier but to create something revolutionary.

Once you were done with the primary education, what path did you venture into?

I did my graduation in film studies.After spending sometime in Film Industry in Mumbai.I joinedMaster’s degree at National Institute of Design in Photography. Films and theater have always fascinated me.After getting exposed to world cinema my life got completely changed. Narrating stories through motion picture and Photograph is my forte. During my graduation I made few short films and has been part of many as a DOP, One of my directed short film got screening in 61st Cannes Film Festival,France. Another short film made by using mobile phone was awarded by Discovery Channel and Nokia in Singapore.

When and how were you first exposed to Photography?

I first got exposed to photography through my parent’s wedding album. Album is astonishingly beautiful and it made me realized the true power of Photography that allowed me to celebrate most important event of my life without being physically present. I guess my first click as a photographer was in a family trip to Manali when I borrowed my friend’s Yashica MF-2.For the first time I felt that I can have my own version of the tour, without giving much consideration to convectional ‘tourist portraits’. More seriousness towards the medium inculcated into me when I was assisting a Cinematographer in Mumbai. He told me to take photography seriously to excel in cinematography.

How did you carry this new discovered passion – Photography forward?

I got selected for Photography course offered by NID, I took the opportunity to nurture my art.

How did you learn about Goa CAP ?

I saw Madhavan’s work on Daguerreotype at IFA website I wrote a mail to him, I got to know from him that they are running a centre for Alternative photography to encourage people from any walk of life who are interested in alternative process of Photography.

What alternative process have you chosen to pursue?

My choice of process is Daguerreotype. The earliest process of photography, from where it all began.

Did you do any kind of research into this process before you came to Goa CAP?

My research and interest began almost one year ago. Since then I researched everything about the process, from its history to contemporary process.

Is there any particular reason why you chose the Daguerreotype process?

This process is a classic, inception of photography begins from this technique, although the art and technology of photography has moved forward with course of time , but still the quality of a Daguerreotype is unmatchable,also the aesthetic decision followed by daguerreotypists of that time were phenomenon , hold a Daguerreotype plate and you will know its magic.

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  1. all the best tushar, the journey is not easy but i am glad u are on it….thanks for sharing it helps

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