Ten days and counting…

The final fortnight is upon us and the flurry of the past weeks is beating up such a sandstorm in our little dustbowl here in Calangute that it’s hard to see any further than the 26th  of April. I have been very busy learning new techniques from the residents here – understanding basic things such as Adobe Photoshop to helping out with developing film roles and even trying my hand at making/ scanning/ printing negatives . Also, with four ace photographers around, I inadvertently end up being the subject of portraits or the guinea-pig to check lighting arrangements for other kinds of compositions to be shot. So all in all, days are full, time is flying by and I am absolutely dreading not being able to call this part of sunshine home anymore.
At present, I’m working on the final exhibition brief that I have been given by the Vintage Vagabond himself. I am to be Apurva’s partner in crime in hosting the exhibition this year – a host being needed because of the way the exhibition is designed. This time, it isn’t just going to be an exhibition of the works of art that my colleagues have developed during the period of this residency. It aims at being  more interactive with the audience. The why and the how is something that must be kept hush hush and hence I stop here.
Stay tuned to this space for further information regarding how this is going to progress – and in the meanwhile mark that all important April 26 on your calendars to come see us and our work at the Geetanjali Art Gallery (Opp.Panjim Inn,31st January Road, Fontainhas  Panjim, GA 403001) from 6:30 p.m. onwards.

Till my next post – good night and good luck, folks!

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