The Hollywood Studio

I really long to write about lovely Panjim with its warm streets ambling along and its remains of photography here and there. I do not feel abled to write but I shall write, nonetheless.

I like Panjim with its little old corners, small tucked in places, old homes straddling up warm hills and the basin of warm shining water like I’ve opened out and held it in my arms.

Hollywood studio is one little corner of Panjim. One day, it felt like it evoked another time that has gone by for evermore.

Conversation is as warm as cups of tea – the nooks and corners of Hollywood studio open out to reveal Camera House in noisy, rumbling central Calcutta where conversation was as warm as cups of tea and there were dense spirals of cigarette smoke; then there was the darkroom on CIT Road, where we had long, long printing sessions in warm and hot afternoons and in evenings. There were conversations in between with cups of tea and long spirals of cigarette smoke. 

That time is no more – that time has gone by, travelled by to come to Panjim today. 

I like Panjim so much! I do not want to leave Goa.



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