Internships @ ALTlab

Internships @ ALTlab

Goa-CAP is delighted to invite interns to be a part of ALTlab 3.0 photography residency. This internship is for 15 days for anybody who is interested in Alternative Photography and is intended to mutually benefit both the intern as well as the Organization.

Interns will be based at Goa-CAP, Goa. It is an opportunity to gain an insight into alternative photography process; interns will be able to enhance their experience through practical works, thereby developing skills which will be useful in future. In turn, Goa-CAP will benefit from the exchange of ideas with the qualified persons, whose background will enable to engage in thought-provoking discussions owing to their up-to-date academic knowledge.

Practical details

Number of internships available: 2

Who can apply: – Anybody interested in Alternative photography.

Duration: Internship is of 15 days duration starting from 15th April to 30th April 2013

The intern is responsible for finding his/her own accommodation including bearing all the travel, boarding and lodging expenses. Please keep in mind that internships are not paid for.

Please send in your interest to: Altlab.residency

Last date for Application: 10th April 2013


About Altlab Journal

ALTlab is a two month long alternative photography residency organized by Goa Center for Alternative Photography (Goa-CAP) in collaboration with India Foundation for the Arts.
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9 Responses to Internships @ ALTlab

  1. Haydar raza says:

    I am interested in the internship of alternative photography. Please let me know how i can reach you directly.

    Haydar raza

  2. How often are these internships? when is the next one?

  3. Alok Rai says:


    Could you updates the results of nominations for the internship applications here?

  4. Can you let us know via a post here what were the results of the internship application selections?

    • we have selected Prashin Jagger as the first intern. The second is still vacant if you wish you can come and join us asap please call 9689041602. And sorry for this delayed reply

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