Baga Beach Salt Print


One of the advantages of working with salt prints is that one can use natural sources of saline water to make the first coat on the paper. I brought back a litre of sea water from Baga beach and let it sit overnight for sediments to settle down. Since the concentration of salts in sea water is about 3.5% I had to bring down the concentration to the recommended 2%.

Used sea water: distilled water at 5:4 ratio (125 ml of sea water with 100 ml of dist. water)

Took 2 ml of the prepared saline solution to coat FA coldpress paper of size 8”x12”. The second coat on the dried paper was of 2 ml 1.2% silver nitrate soln.

The paper was exposed in UV light for 45 min. Temp: 28.8 C, Humidity: 67%

Rinsed for 10 min in tap water and then for about 5 min in 10% sodium thiosulphate soln.

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