Leading upto a print.

Our primary goal here at the residency is to experiment with printing. But if the images are interesting enough, the printing process becomes even more exciting.

So I have decided to give myself just 2 more weeks for photographing while simultaneously making some prints of the images I have already shot. We keep tossing ideas about the project we want to do, stories we want to work on with either the other residents or our mentor Apoorva. And gradually things are taking shape as we crawl towards the halfway mark of the residency.

Our time here is proving to encourage an entire new approach towards the development of my visual language. Especially when we are bound with certain type of exposures and compositions which we consider the non wavering aspects of photography, I am beginning to wonder how they too can be pushed out of borders like the variables (Light source, chemical percentage) of Alternative photography.

Arpan Mukherjee introduced us to an extremely inexpensive method of making negatives.

a.Either get a printout on the Gateway paper sheet which directly cuts our per negative cost in half.


b. make laser printout on a normal paper (which costs almost nothing) and make it translucent by rubbing bee wax on it.

I prefer the second method as it promises to create a soft effect which cuts down the overpoweringly sharp result of a digital image.

Having to go to Panaji for printing all the time I was determined to find a laser printer in Calangut and I was absolutely sure I will find one.

Following are the negatives and I will be posting the outputs printed with these negatives soon. Stay tuned!



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