The Haiku Odyssey (第一番目)

I am a rambler. I’ve always loved to ramble on about things. Words have been among my closest confidantes and I enjoy their company immensely. And so I am verbose sometimes, and I know it – but its hard to refuse them space in my expression when they’ve showered me with such selfless affection always!

And its exactly on this count that Haiku-ing has been an excursion onto the road less traveled for me. I have never been fond of minimal usage of words myself despite loving minimalists like Palahniuk. That’s why, for the past couple of days, this Haiku-ing has harangued me to the border of insanity.

Anyway, so here’s the first installment – it only covers the first day. The next two will come by soon, I promise, although I believe this will be the most extensive as we covered the maximum distance (18 kms!) on the first day.

Regarding the meter and timbre of this bonsai-giant of a style, I have tried to keep to the conservative form as much as possible, but there are chances of a departure from it a couple of times.

So with bated breath, I give you my work of the past few days – and nights!

(Oh, also, pictures – for better or worse – are by yours truly, unless otherwise mentioned. As my other resident mad-hatters have done, I hope you will too, and indulge this enthu-cutlet amateur. \/ Peace, folks!)

  • Portuguese ray-meld in
    An Indian sun-spill —
    Goan dawn-stir.
  • Barking dogs,
    Dawn-dew palm fronds,
    West forgotten.

2013-03-08 18.57.48

  • Birds glide,
    Jeeps whizz to
    Five clicks.
  • First lit zephyr,
    Curtain de-nudes
    Conchshell mermaid.
  • Shadow King of
    Shepherd flocks, coal red,
    Staff-sure guards.


  • Shy snot-giggle-mirth
    Cancerous lung-dust
    Cement boys.

2013-03-08 22.30.27  2013-03-08 22.30.46

  • Post aubade
    Chafing sol triggers
    Shiny swear-fits.
  • Point, focus,
    Shoot, stop time, but
    Forget sanction?
  • A naïve twine
    Binds that well —
    Briny, yet hers
© Vivek Muthuramalingam
  • Spike laced eggs
    Bloom to banish, yet,
    Fail at evil

2013-03-09 00.17.23

  • Marian alcove lights
    Ebony, bergamot home —
    Rahul Srivastava.
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