A place called Goa.



The account of our three day walk through different little towns of Goa has its ups and downs. I was expecting it to challenge me. But it affected me on more levels than I had imagined.

Every little space has its own smell, flavor and charm. And yet, this was absolutely not the version of Goa I expected to taste.

We started our walk on a long stretch of highway under the merciless sun burning our skin cells. Several hours of walking exposed us to charming houses and lovely faces very quick to smile. We made photographs on the way. Got familiar to different people, their cats, and their backyards and emptied bottles of ginger lemonade.

One of the most striking aspects of these three days was when I entered Aldona. It was an exotic village that seemed to exist almost in a parallel universe. It did something to me. All my uneasiness began to disappear as if curled up in an old, soft Blanket. As we entered Rahul’s house who graciously invited us to stay over, I could feel a distinct connection to that structure. The earthy modest walls, photographs lining the surroundings and the kindness of Rahul’s personality in general seeping in from every corner became a reason for a peaceful sleep that night.

Next day in Bocholim, seems like a blur to me except the few hours I spent in the temple by the lake, listening to a group of people singing Mahashivratri aarti in the corner and an overwhelmingly intoxicating scent of incents. It was the most peaceful I have felt in a long time.

Next day back at our studio in Calangut, we wondered about how this experience has affected us. There is a mixture in this bag. But somehow all these elements came together and we know about Goa, our images, each other and what we will be doing at Goa cap just a little bit more.

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