Second set of salt prints


I wanted to try a second set of salt prints on my own, with a bit of variation. My 120 film negatives were used as the source of making the prints.
The procedure involved the same set of chemical solutions, prepared during the first batch of prints and used 2 days later. Silver nitrate solution (1.2 g of silver nitrate crystals in 10ml of dist. water) was stored in an amber coloured bottle and placed in a dark room before being utilized for the second batch. 4”x10” and 8”x10” Fabriano Aristico coldpress 300 gsm papers were chosen and then coated with a fine layer of 2% salt solution (2ml) with a ¾” brush.
Temp: 29.6 C, Humidity: 74%
Once the papers were dry a coat of silver nitrate solution (2 ml for the larger and 1 ml for the smaller) was given with the brush of the same width and allowed to dry. Standard set of lab precautions were followed while using silver nitrate, under safe light. The larger print was deliberately coated with uneven brush strokes expecting a certain effect.
120 negatives were places on both; an exposure time of 45min under UV light was given and washed with slightly acidic tap water for 3 min. The hypo prepared during the last process was retained and these prints were washed in the same bath for 5 min. After which the prints were rinsed in tap water for 20 min.
The prints looked good just after the process and then started to degrade a day after. By the end of the third day the prints started degrading and showed signs of irregular grey patches.
The greyish patches are possibly because of irregular absorption of silver nitrate as a result of uneven brush strokes and not enough fixing. The smaller print was better but the centre shows signs of grey band as well which only appeared after a couple of days and to exposure to ambient light. The time duration at hypo bath could have been extended. The slightly darker print could have been made lighter with an exposure of 30 min perhaps.

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