Cyanotype: Diverging from the warmth


Credit: The photograph was made by shirish desai .

I have always been inclined towards warm tones in imagery. May it be the kind of photographs or paintings I like or the photographs I make myself. Cyanotype is a complete diversion from that. Working only with cold tones is entirely out of my comfort zone, and I find that to be a very important change for me.

As we begin to spend most hours of our day in the darkroom, the similarities in the processes and subtle beautiful differences in the output are becoming more evident. Chaitanya Guttikar, started his workshop with Cyayanotype. It’s the same technique that I will be working with. Even though the amount of information coming my way over the past few days is quite a lot, im surprisingly not overwhelmed by it.

My first cyanotype print turned out to be quite lighter than what I would like it to be. The frequent power cuts didn’t help.

So following is the procedure we followed.

Paper type : Fabriao artistico coldpress 300gsm

Chemicals:2.5 gm of Ferric ammonium citrate in 10ml of distilled water, mixed with 1gm of potassium ferricyanide in 10 ml of distilled water. We poured the solution of potassium ferricyanyide into the solution of Ferric ammonium citrate as the correct practice is to mix the more hazardous chemical into the less hazardous one.

An evenly coated paper was exposed to the UV light along attached to a relatively thin negative.

35 minutes of exposure seemed to bring out a decent print.

After the workshop about the digital processing of printing negatives, I am hoping to have a lot more control over the final tonality. Looking forward to fine tuning the process and experiment with different papers is next on the agenda!

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