First Salt


Took two solutions: 2% NaCl (0.2 g common salt in 10 ml of dist. water) and 1.2 g of silver nitrate in 10 ml of dist. water. Silver nitrate takes a bit of time to dissolve. Lab precautions (eye wear, mask and gloves) were followed since the chemical can stain badly and has the ability to cause blindness.

Coarse grain side of Fabriano Artistico cold press 300 gsm paper, size of 8”x10” was chosen and stabilized on a wooden board with masking tapes. A ¾” brush was chosen to paint the paper evenly first with salt solution (2 ml) and let to dry. Then under safe light, a coat of silver nitrate (2 ml) was evenly done on the paper, and let to dry.

Emulsion side of negative was placed over the paper, sandwiched between glass and exposed to UV light for 45 min. Distance of approx. 6” was maintained between the tubes and the paper.

There was hour of interval after the exposure was completed and the print taken out to be washed with water (with a pinch of citric acid) for 3 min and put into a bath of 10% hypo (I took 45g of Sod. Thiosulfate in 400 ml of water) for 5 min. And then rinsed with tap water for 20 min.

First print, looks good!

Credits: The photograph was made by Shirish Desai and the beautiful subject is Unnati Singh

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One Response to First Salt

  1. Tushar says:

    Its uber you got a sepia tone.. i have seen picture with grayscale. How to achieve greyscale and sepia and different times any idea ?

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