Back to the old ways

So I’m the writer here. The one that gets to ‘observe’ all these processes at the lab. The non-scientific one. The amateur one. The one that gets all the amused looks – and who’s ignorance is, perhaps, indulged in.

The energy here is palpable – each one rushing about for his own techniques,  each one concerned about the other’s and all together worried, in turn, about the blog entries at the end of the day.

So what is it that ties a fine arts practitioner from Jharkhand, a Kathak enthusiast from Pune, a doctor from Bangalore, a puppeteer from Kolkata and a nomad memory junkie from the folds of a Japanese summer?

I think its that one last shot at going back to basics. Just like James did, when he went back to Skyfall and a shotgun in the last installment of the Bond saga. Going back to the bare necessities.

To things that aroused our curiosity all those years ago – that we tried (or then perhaps did not), and discarded. Things we could not pursue. Failures we were afraid to look in the eye – and overcome.  Experiments we never knew we wanted to undertake. Solutions we never thought we had the knowledge to intuit.

To take this to the next level, the five of us start our own little Dandi yatra tomorrow at the crack of dawn.

Despite internet shutdowns, electricity blackouts, Delhi-belly attacks and Urak madness .

Thirty-eight kilometers over the period of the next three days in the scorching hot Goan sun, hiding behind caps and shades, drowning our woes in gallons of electrolyte water and most importantly leaving behind all the baggage we have been carrying to enter a period where time is suspended and there is no kiss and tell for our creative urges.

A back to basics in order to let go.

To find a release.

To breathe.



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