Don’t come in your own way.

Our day started with the ever dreaded presentations. Everyone was so intimidated by the idea of formally presenting our work in such an informal environment, that by the time we got to it, almost everyone presented quite instinctively. The wonderful Apoorva made the whole process a lot easier with his ease and warmth. We couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. He seemed to know exactly how to bring you out of your guards. Something he said on the first day that specially struck me and I had noted down in my notebook. “Don’t come in your own way”. He said those exact same words to me when we were speaking. I found that coincident quite amusing.

Each of us had very distinct ways of looking at the world. I especially found Urmi’s interpretation of her own images quite biographical. She said, “I photographed how this girl was a little shy yet sure of herself”.  It made me smile.

Ajay’s paintings were exceptional. I imagined how outstanding it would be to look at them in the large scale they were painted in.

Vivek’s work displayed a lot of “Thehrav” as they call it in urdu. There was this lovely uncluttered quality to it and almost each element in the frame had something to contribute to the image.

I think eveyone’s work gave us an insight into their personality.

The day ended on the scrumptious egg biryani that Ajay made.



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