First day at the Lab

The lab seems to be some sort of an secluded ‘out house’ of a wealthy Goan family, painted in white and ochre, spacious and airy, large windows to let the occasional breeze pass through and veranda at the back with comfortable cane sofas that opens into a haphazard arrangement of coconut palms. Perfect setting for experiments in chemistry, fumes and minor blasts shouldn’t really affect the Calangute sosegado.

Madhavan and Edson tried their best to put us at ease and set the mood for experimentation but I guess we were all craving for some fish curry rice. Hotel Sarvodaya was chosen. 50 bucks for a fish curry rice (that included a decent sized slice of seer fish) – can’t get a better place in Goa for that price!

Back at the centre, Apurva, art historian and our mentor for the residency, shook us off the siesta and inspired us to explore and experiment with techniques and approaches without having to worry about the results.
Couldn’t ask for a more diverse set of fellow artistes- Urmi from Hyderabad- a film photographer with an interest in puppetry, Ajay from Delhi- visual artist with a MFA in painting, Nupur- trained in Kathak and now exploring photography and Saee- a theatre artiste who has researched Japanese theatre and now keen on writing on photography.

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