My First Plate

Hello World

I am glad to write this page, since I have finally managed to achieve my first dag plate. Although the plate was made few weeks ago but I didn’t got time to update it in blog. but here is picture of my first plate.Plate was made in a Church at Sailgoa. It’s an ancient church build in Portuguese era. My biggest struggle was with the monsoon in Goa. These days Goa is high on humidity and high humidity is not ‘dag friendly’. Most of the time sky is overcast which is again a negative point for making a plate because of less sunlight and drastic amount of reduction in the UV rays ( as stated in previous entry that Daguerreotype captures the UV spectrum of light too.)

Anyways after a few hiccups, I got a clear sky on one fine day with the help of my fellow resident and friend Bala CK, I took the view camera outside and managed to get an exposure of 10 mins. the subject was at 14ev.  Got an image on the plate within few minutes of developing under sun. The image was perfect on exposure and was very clear in details during fixing, but got damaged a lot during gilding.

I am grateful for the support of my mentor Madhavan and friend Bala  and a very special thanks to two french girls Simone and Choulle who were prompt on replying my quires and gave me valuable suggestions on my first plate. You can see there work on

For the next exploration I am  exposing the same church but will be improving on the stage of gilding and exposer to get the better result.


About Tushar Joshi

I am rare and blessed one to practice Daguerreotype. for more info go through the post
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5 Responses to My First Plate

  1. Honey says:

    this is great tushar!!!

  2. Alan says:

    Great to see, if you would like an artist gallery page at just email us some images and info about yourself. Happy daguerreotyping!

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