Casting and Coating

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On a fine sunny day such as this, Poorna gets ready with his setup to shoot more daguerrotype images. The slide was coated and ready to be exposed. Practice makes for perfection…so keep on keeping on!

The subject was a hand cast he made earlier with P.O.P.

After being exposed to the subject, the slide was coated and left for final exposure in the sun for about one hour. Images of the slide coming up in the next post!

At the institute we were accompanied by Jerry who came by to wash some film he had shot and a close friend from Bangalore, Gautham, also a photographer who was completely inspired by the beautiful surroundings and sat sketching all day under the trees.

Tashi had perfected loading the spool alas! By the evening we sat with a cuppa in our hands and listened to him string out some cool tunes! A great day followed by a relaxed evening!

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