Perfecting & Learning the Van Dyke Brown furthermore.

Tashi was now officially the Van Dyke Brown perfectionist, and he has been on a constant steady and ever improving learning curve. It’s true that with trials come errors and it is also absolutely true that if you try and try some more, there will be those moments where you will effectively learn more and come closer to perfection.

Putting in hours of research and practice of the process is the way to achieve efficient results. The correct and true tonal range is of utter importance. Hence, Tashi scanned and printed the invert (negative) onto a transparency. The paper to be exposed was then coated and sandwiched between the glass plates with the negative overlay. Exposure time given was about 20 mins.

The beautiful texture and color rendered at the end of the printing process was old but new to our eyes and as it gets more intriguing as almost impossible to not try for yourself. The very first alternative photo printing process I tried was not a success. The coating was almost perfect but the exposure time to a UV light source is where I went wrong and might have underexposed. The print started to lose a lot of color once we put it in distilled water and citric acid.

Learning comes from trials and errors!

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