Gum Bichromates – Learning through Trial and Error

Learning from previous experience, I started my next exposure at 8 min under UV light and a ratio of 1:2, Potassium to gum. The pigment used was Lamp Black, Camel Colors.  Previously I was using only hot press paper. Now i introduced cold press paper too.

Using 1:2 ratio & exposure 8 min under UV light, hot press

1:2 ratio, exposure 8 min, cold press

Double exposure, 1:2 ratio, 8min exposure under UV light, hot press

The previous image didn’t got a proper negative registration. Hence you can see the double exposure.

Double Exposure, 1:2 ratio, 8 min exposure under UV, Burnt Sienna over Lamp Black Pigment, Hot press.

Now as some result started coming using 1:2 ratio, I wanted to confirm the prints again using 1:1 ratio.

1:1 ratio, 8 min under UV, hot press paper

1:1 ratio, 10 min exposure under UV, hot press, only dipped in water, slight brushing while washing

1:2 ratio, 10 min exposure, hot press, lightly washed.

The last prints were a comparative study between 1:1 ratio to 1:2 ratio. 1:1 ratio was now looking better than 1:2 at 10 min exposure. I lesson I learnt here from my mistakes was my wrong method of washing the prints. I was putting the prints in water and after sometime, rigorously brushing the prints to get the image. That is why many of my previous prints became very light in color and another important aspect during washing is the amount of time you put your prints in water. Like again if you put your print for a long duration in water, they tend to fade. So washing of print also gives you a control for a good print.

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