A different medium..Tashi

Greetings to all from Goa-CAP. For a while I have been figuring out to scan my negatives and get a step table printed. It all becomes difficult when things as such doesn’t fall into place. For instance, alternative photography, in India it’s the next hard thing to practice. I am talking in terms of materials, resources, printers and so on. We are somehow used to this idea of ‘jugaad’ and getting the work done. Look at the west, they have all the things money can buy and in fact will deliver it to you right at your door step. You want gum-bichromate solution or cyanotypes, you name them they have all these solution kit sealed and labelled. And somewhere in between all this we somehow know their existence, from facebook, photographic websites etc etc. which has nothing to do with me, because I know even if I place an order, chances are less for those chemicals getting delivered, or maybe report to the police station for posing a threat of terrorism.

So it just doesn’t fall into place. I think such factors contribute to the whole idea of alternative photography and it’s popularity. Kudos to Goa-CAP for taking such a brave step towards photography. 

Meanwhile, I have been trying to print Vandyke on leather. It’s a goat skin, I am not sure if it is chemically treated and what chemicals were used. So I just tried on a small patch, which was dried, stretched and all that. I followed the same procedures as for my older Vandyke brown prints and I want you all to have a look. Although, I am not being able to fix it, because leather as a medium is very porous, so if you have any ideas please do contact me. After the exposure, the image showed a lot of blue cast, almost like cyanotype, only after developing and washing much of the blue faded.

The first image is the developing process. Right below it is the dried image.

Its not completely dried. Will check tomorrow for its stability. If the fixer works, I think such process can open a lot of new ideas to come.

Finally, the resident chick chuzoo albumin,  loves climbing on people’s shoulders and pecking around just about anything it comes in its way. Not quite fond of the camera though, he just loves to hang around with artists and eat mosquitos.

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