In the light

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It has been an amazing month of new learnings, trials and errors, art exhibitions and an everyday improvement in the artists developments with their respective alternative photographic printing processes. Today, being friday, was our day with Apoorva. The day ran by the usual one on one discussions of the latest progress and other things in relation with the residency and the artists.

By the evening Jerry came by and washed an infrared film he had shot. Everytime we meet he has various interesting and very useful facts about photography that he shares with us. All in good spirit!

We were bidding farewell to Chaitanya and Edson by the end of the evening. They are traveling to Nagaland on a month long photographic project. We have thoroughly enjoyed excavating information from another knowledge bank – Chaitanya. The artists have pretty much got how to go about the processes and have a better practical understanding of it. Now it was the time to just experiment and master the craft.

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