Pigment Overview

After dedicated time and effort and also sufficient amount of research into the effect of changing the time of exposure of the contact print to U.V light, Tashi is inching closer and closer to perfecting the Van Dyke Brown prints!

Test prints were first conducted on thin strips divided using a single negative. The variations of exposure time were 10min, 20 min, 30 min. A 30min exposure gave the closest deep brown intensity to the image with good contrast. This was used as a base time to begin final print time calculations.

Hence, keeping that in mind Tashi made two final prints with exposures of 40min and 60min. Here is what it looks like.

Also, it was noticed that as compared to the earlier prints which were made by exposing to direct sunlight, these prints had a more even toning. These were exposed to a U.V light source in a controlled indoor environment.

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