Little things..Tashi N

So many things to do so little time, sharing with you some images of my experience in Goa CAP.

Madhavan, in Rajan tea stall, theeee place for discussions, ideas, vada paos, chilli bhaji, and well ‘chai’.

Pin hole session with Edson.


Chaitanya (during the pin hole workshop)

Pinhole camera made out of match box and beer can.

During the art exhibition of Angelo Fonseca in St. Xavier’s Institute for Historical Research.

Is this close enough? asked Madhavan. 

An evening in Gitanjali Art Gallery, Panjim. 

Let us ‘WALK’

Long day today, have been reading Digital Negatives. This book provides you an excellent way to print in the traditional wet darkroom and expand options for printing images using alternative processes such as platinum printing, which will help you in implementing these digital workflows using curves in your desired process.

Have been reading on step tablet. A step tablet is one of the most essential tools you will ever purchase and hopefully learn to use for alternative processes. You should develop the habit of printing a step tablet each time you start learning an alt process and afterward anytime you make a major change to your workflow and you need to verify the validity of a process your are using.

Check the link below for downloading a step tablet

Need to print these step tablets and then scan them back for better calibration.

I guess I have rendered some really deep rich browns, in my image. Since the life of these prints has to be tested, such as change in color, darkening, paper quality as such. I have put my prints out, in the open, to observe any shift in color. Will upload the images tomorrow.

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