The four main components of a developer :

I. The Reducing agents (not active)

II. An Alkali (which acts as the catalyst for activating the reducing agents)

III. The Preservative (which stops the spoilage of the developer)

IV. The Restrainer (stops developer from exposing areas which have not received any light)

The raw materials  required to make two litres of D 72 :

    • Water                                                            1000 ml
    • Metol                                                              6 g
    • Sodium Sulphite (anhydrous)                         90 g
    • Hydroquinone                                                 24 g
    • Sodium Carbonate (mono hydrous)               160 g
    • Potassium Bromide                                         8g (this was doubled to 8g from the original 4g due to hot weather conditions which cause the chemicals to react faster)

Order of adding the chemicals to make the developer :

Preservative > Developing agents > Alkali > Restrainer

* Wait for each chemical to dissolve entirely in water before adding the next one. Water is heated to about 50 C because it helps dissolve the chemicals faster. If the water is heated beyond this temperature the chemicals will start letting out fumes which is not a good sign. So watch out for the temperature readings.

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One Response to KODAK D72

  1. Jerry Sousa says:

    D-72 is a print developer. In Indian conditions, is heating of water to hasten blending of chemicals really necessary? To answer my own question: Depends on where one is in India, and on the time of year.

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