Till here..Tashi N

Past four days was really busy. IFA visiting us, Japanese artist Mieko Tadoko’s pin hole photographs on display in the Art Chamber gallery, meeting with our mentor Apurva, fixing UV light boxes for our exposures, preparing silver nitrate solutions to store them, an intensive workshop with Edson and Chaitanya on black and white developing. It was really an accelerated week. Oh! not to forget Sheraysi, (last year’s resident) who had apparently worked on cyanotypes, came up with such beautiful prints and bodies of work. Now that was inspiring.

Who would have thought one could make flip books, and exposures out of x-rays, on t-shirts, on different paper materials and so on. It really motivates you, because everyone is so much fascinated by the digital revolution and if ever get an opportunity to see such works I am pretty much confident that it would change your perception and help you think outside your apparatus.

Here in Goa-CAP, I am so much intrigued by the gradation of the rich brown that the prints are rendering. I guarantee you, we can never achieve this digitally. It’s not that I don’t prefer digital, alternative prints just surprises you. Having said this, I have just finished making my Vandyke solution for tomorrow. Exposing and experimenting a lot this week.

Here is our new resident the chick, we are still trying to figure out a name for her.



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4 Responses to Till here..Tashi N

  1. S. Girikumar says:

    That sounds good! Bt the way can we call the resident chick Albumen?!

  2. tashinorden says:

    Now, that’s what we were looking for ‘Albumen’. I’ve shared this with other residents and they seem to like your suggested name. Chick ‘Albumen’ then.

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