Collective Souls..Tashi Norden

Yesterday, was all more experimenting. Our papers getting all sort of warps and folds as soon as we coat them. Everything looks so fine and even, well! under a red light I mean and soon as we see the actual coat, it’s a disaster. We still tried to expose but in vain. So it was time we started to look deeply for our paper resource.

Oh! When in goa, please visit Andrew’s, its a small joint in calangute. Best place to be after a long hard days work. Since the residency began, just the four of us hard hardly spent time together, something would always turn up or we would be too tired. But yesterday, after the Dag’s success, we all deserved one. I still remember, poorna saying that  we are somehow not controlled beings, and then again rephrasing it by saying it’s the mind that we cannot control. Please check Uzma’s journal for the illustrations she instantly drew.  And to finish it up, how can we not mention Nana’s cooking, a good meal to end the day. Nana our savior.

Today, riding to Panjim was fun. checking the oh! so ever expensive Italian papers, clips for holding our negatives, brush, aluminum foils, silica gels, yeah! we had like a entire ration list.

I hope by now you all know that  Mieko Tadokoro, a Japanese artist working with pinhole photography will be visiting us. Her show is from 24th March 2012 to 30th March 2012 in Calangute.

The other half of the day, well! we sorted out our ‘spaces’. A massive clean up of the dark room followed and now we have figured out a cool space, it’s like a small foyer where we’ll  think, discuss, play music and just relax. I am totally loving this.

Tomorrow, I have to make those rich browns in a perfect tone. I have to. I have to.

This the link for Mieko Tadokoro’s event.

Thank you for your time.

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