Formulating Process – Tashi Norden

Even though some moments pass us by, we somehow don’t realize it. And because we forget the next day, this post would certainly help me recollect. Today, I really wanted to achieve the rich brown in my images. Paper which was acidified was ready, though it had formed a little bulge, I tried to flatten it by applying some weight on the paper, sandwiched between the glass. Fixer set, citric acid set, the VDB solution set, glass rods, syringe and so on. Started off with sensitization and by afternoon I was all set for exposure.

Did my first exposure for exact 16 minutes, and followed the same fixing process that I was following. The results much better, the only problem being the image breaking once immersed in sodium thiosulfate. I still did not understand.

I just started to calculate that probably my negative had a lesser density and could be one of the reasons. So I switched over to a different negative. Same results here too. Nothing changed.

All this while Madhavan was observing me, confirming my chemical composition and well! my figure for mixing thiosulfate was caught. It was two times more of what I had been doing. Realizing where my miscalculations were, i quickly set another paper for exposure and this time with Madhavan’s consent, we gave it for 40 mins. (Let’s see)

40 minutes, good enough for some discussions. I remember him saying, this is not about concept or journalism or fashion or whatever branch you name them, but this is about the process, the medium, the platform which Goa-Cap wants you to explore. Have patience and you’ll all be there.

The prints have come out satisfactory but al least the image didn’t break like it used to. It still needs a lot of investigation. I am loving this.

Below are some images of Madhavan and Jerry, photographer from Hongkong, looking at the Linhof Techno.

With Chaitnaya and Uzma.

It was during the holi festival

This is it for now, thank you for your time and feel free to contact or for any suggestion.

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