It’s all in the chemistry. Tashi Norden

Yesterday’s print of the male shaman, which somehow rendered black and white for some reason, the same print I checked this morning somewhat developed a pale brown cast on the image. Hell! I like this transformation. Geez! I have no clue what’s happening.

Here is the image

Wish I had taken a little more interest in my chemistry class, yeah! yeah! in school I mean.

The transformation somehow charged me all over. And soon, I started off with sensitizing the paper. Unfortunately, the chemistry somehow screwed up today. I made at least three prints while maintaining the same exact attributes of my earlier process and yet the prints failed me.

Here are the images.

I did enjoy the subtle transformation but it fell flat.

This below is my second attempt.

By the way these are the portrait of Merayk, an 80 year old shaman of the Himalayan valley in Sikkim.

This is another image I experimented.

This is the head of a bull.

I might have to check my negatives for all I know at this point. Tomorrow, it’s a long day. Uzma has already acidified the paper for more prints (cyano and vandyke), Great news is that the copper plates have arrived and hope to see Poorna and Madhavan back in action.




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One Response to It’s all in the chemistry. Tashi Norden

  1. Mohit Thapa says:

    did you wash the print thoroughly? maybe its the work of some leftover hypo…

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