So Far So Good…

Finally got my blog going, looks like I am following the Goan way of life or as they say ‘Susegado’ (chillout) when it comes to blogging but promise to be more regular.

Its been 15 days or so since we all arrived here at the AltLab… there are four of us – Tanima, Tashi, Poorna and me and also Yukti (the documentor) from different corners of the country. At the centre are P Madhavan – the king of Daguerrotypes (he’s even made dags of Machu Picchu) Edson Dias – PinHole wonder man, Chaitanya Guttikar – the alchemist (so what if he can’t turn stone into gold he can definitely turn ugly prints into masterpieces) and Apurva Kulkarni who is an artist and our mentor.

So far its been seeing and trying various photo techniques… there are four techniques which we will be experimenting with: Daguerrotype, Cyanotype, Gum Bichromate prints and Vandyke Brown prints. Finally each artist will work with one of the techniques.

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