Footprints : The Walking Route

Perhaps one of the most fruitfully engaging forms of travel and ways to soak and immerse into the world around, walking essentially benefits not just the physique and emotion of an individual but also helps save the environment! Spread awareness.

The Walking Route :

Day 1

Destination : Calangute – Aldonha (13kms)

The 4 resident artists began on a walk, undefined and open minded.

Sometimes it’s better to leave things for the unexpected and let yourself out for a surprise. Amazing experiences can occur along the way and they are just what make for a perfect tell tale.

En-route, encountering beautiful landscape, green and plush, quite streams and strangers who were inquisitive of our presence in the area and extremely happy to be helpful, guiding us through the beautiful roads leading into the heart of Goa. The idea was to explore more. And we sure did find a whole lot more than what a laymans image of Goa bore.

“Water water all around!” and yet there exists a serious threatening of possible future acute (drinking) water shortage in Goa. People in a lot of the areas of this coastal state are already undergoing the process of waiting and filling up their days reserve of water from the hourly supply that takes place, sometime at very odd hours of the day and for a short window of 2-3 hours.

Water is essential.

Polluted fresh water bodies (lakes/ponds/rivers/streams) have left the fisherman troubled and fields running dry and unhealthy to provide for future agriculture. When natural water sources start to deplete, there is no other way but to make for more expensive and difficult to obtain, substitutes for the supply of water.

Over a cup of tea at a local joint before entering Moira, a conversation with Bosco, a chillies farmer, revealed the first footprints of the residents somewhere close to the bridge.

Almost after sunset, as the light faded, the road that lead to Aldonha, brightened up with the street lights outside churches and other small community gathering spots. The temperature had also dropped to a comfortable atmosphere fit for a game of soccer, a popular sport in Goa.

As the roads went deeper into the interiors, curving and sliding through bends…everything went almost silent beside the slight hustle and bustle around areas which housed a few stores for general supplies and without fail, a local bar to discretion!

Catching up with the residents at Aldonha where they had arranged for accomodation at a rather comfortable and luxurious guest house, quite the contrary from what we had been given to expect. The owner, Tony had hired his space out to tired feet until the next morning. Hence, time to unwind and share the experiences from our day!

Time is of essence.

Greeted with beautiful sunshine in the earl of the morning awakening the senses. The time was now and it was to be carried forth. A brief but relaxed breakfast was just the thing needed to begin the day.

Journey on and again!

So the path had been set (Well not sharply defined, it was fluid to adventure seeking and thought provoking)

Morning glory ..

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