More Vandykes..Tashi Norden

Though I wanted to make more prints yesterday, I couldn’t manage with time, as the sun was getting softer and lighter. So, this time I went for a larger transparency, of a villager from chattisgarh. First things first, you print a digital negative on to a transparent paper, make sure you adjust the negative, keeping in mind the details in the highlights and the shadow. Once done, inver the image and flip it.

The second solution this time I reduced the amount of ferric ammonium citrate to 2.4gm from 3gm. Also, we changed the silver nitrate, which dramatically reduced the dissolving time and thereby reducing the mixing process, unlike the first attempt where dissolving the silver nitrate almost took about twenty minutes.

After the coating process, I left it exactly for ten minutes, then a slight blow dry at the back of the paper is recommended. Meanwhile, glass planes had to be cleaned from dust and hand prints, also make sure you have a soft cloth or something to act like a base, else the paper might slip, also make sure the negative is placed emulsion side down. Clip it up and get ready to expose.

For the print I exposed it for twenty minutes sharp.

But when it was immersed in sodium thiosulfate for fixing the image, it just started to break.

This my second attempt.

After having reduced the amount of sodium thiosulfate, it still started to break away, almost like the image was falling apart.

My third attempt turned out like this.

This time, I had acidified the paper with citric acid, and used the same exposing time as above. But still not rendering the browns as per to my satisfaction.

This was the last print made, Chetanya acidified the paper and used italian fabriano paper. Although, i am looking for one stop lighter to this, but for now I am happy and I like how it is going.

There is never a guarantee or a fixed formula for these styles, each preparation each day every moment of that exposure you are making all has to fall in place i guess, and let nature and science create magic. I am really loving this.

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2 Responses to More Vandykes..Tashi Norden

  1. shreyasi says:

    Wow!! These look amazing!!! Its great to see ‘our man’ being used this time around too 😀 !
    Looking forward to more adventures!

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