Day 8 – Tashi Norden

This day was fully experiencing Linhof Techno. The Techno is a compact hightech camera offering all practical adjustment facilities for extreme short to longer focal lenses. Since, Uzma had got it from UK, we got to use the camera. After having a brief session of the know-how’s of the camera, we took it out for shoot in the fields.

We tried to photograph scenes with different light conditions, so to better understand the whole process of the film. Again shooting on Kodak T-max 400, we had to develop accordingly. It’s not simple handling such device, so used to thirty five millimeteres.

Would like to thank Edson for letting us know about the mass dev chart. You can click the link below to find out what developing time should you refer. amazing site.

The film was developed with D76 at 20 degree centigrade for ten minutes. Unfortunately, the negatives showed some light leaks, and plus some of the images were over-lapping. It was probably due to faulty loading or the film back had some issues.

Since she had two backs one being 6×9 and the other being 6×6, we again loaded the 6×6. The exposure we did this time were night shots, at a very low light.

Shall certainly upload the negatives once we get it scanned.

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