Day 7 – Tashi Norden

Pin Hole Camera with Edson.

It was one of the simplest method that we saw today for constructing a pin hole camera. After the inside of the match box is colored black so as to avoid light reflectivity, a new and a old film is attached right at each other’s end with a tape. All you need to do now is tape the roll tightly with black tapes over the joining areas of the match-box.

Second stage is the pin hole. Tear a piece of sandpaper, also tear apart the beer can and flatten it completely. Select a part of the can, and cut out a part not larger than the match-box size. Start rubbing the sand paper until you get a thin layer, you can feel it with your hand as you do so. Take a small needly and just tap with a hammer. Once the pin-hole is created, sand paper it further for a smooth pin hole.

Lastly, tape it over the matchbox, and create make-do shutter with any soft board material.

Well, the results are yet to be out. Will update on that soon.

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