Day 5 – Tashi Norden

We had a intensive session on Lab safety and maintenance. I would like to introduce you to Chetanya once again, for he is the true chemist. From masks, gloves, glasses to MSDS.

MSDS? Well it’s  a document containing important information about a hazardous chemical (which may be a hazardous substance and/or dangerous good) and must state:

  • a hazardous substance’s product name
  • the chemical and generic name of certain ingredients
  • the chemical and physical properties of the hazardous substance
  • health hazard information
  • precautions for safe use and handling

The MSDS provides employers, self-employed persons, workers and other health and safety representatives with the necessary information to assist in safely managing the risk from hazardous substance exposure.

It is important that everyone in the workplace knows how to read and interpret a MSDS.

We were to read on our chemicals that were involved and take proper responsibility as needed. Matters like staying away from fumes while it is boiling, mixing/handling the chemicals in a soft diffused light, basically keeping it away from UV light. Lab manners were to be followed, especially when one is done using the lab, it should be cleaned for the next artists. Maintaining a time frame, so that other artists also get an opportunity, were some of the points we had to note down.

Personally, I think these are very essential not only in terms of work but also as a human. One has to have a certain discipline when it comes to chemistry, and since we already have a great responsibility as photographers these small things count a lot in the long process.

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