Day 3-4 Daguerrotype revealed – Tashi Norden

Vandyke Brown was my process. I just loved the renders of the rich browns. Since, chemicals were essential for this process, it still had not arrived. Meanwhile, Madhavan had begun with the daguerrotype process, the earliest photographic process involving an iodine-sensitized silvered (or copper) plate and mercury vapor.

Never had I imagined, I would witness history of photography repeat itself. The dag, was just too perfect.

The videos posted here are just glimpses of the practices at the altlab, for more details feel free to contact.

The process of sensitization. It is achieved by exposing the polished surface of the plate to the fumes of iodine crystals, and it is necessary for these fumes to be concentrated inside a container to attain an even coating. This process employs use of highly toxic chemicals, one should be EXTREMELY careful handling these chemicals.

Likewise, we were given references for understanding and researching on our individual processes. You could check out the links below if it interests you;

Feel free to contact if you need any help or suggestions.

The following week we were asked to prepare a presentation on our specific process.

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