Day 2 – Tashi Norden

Meeting with our mentor Apurva Kulkarni, artist from Goa. He’d be visiting us once every week. A small introduction and presentation of our work was to happen in our 2nd day of the program and since we also hadn’t viewed our fellow resident’s work, it was a good opportunity to showcase our work and talk about it. I think among the four of us, Uzma Mohsin truly had the best body of work. Her series on women and the Kashmir issue are really powerful images. Seven sisters and the City, her body of work I can honestly relate to. Having personally experienced racism in the capital, I think we Indians have a long way to go as far as integrity and diversity is to be a symbol of unity according to the Indian Constitution. 

The second half of the day, continued as Apurva gave us a brief on the ‘Walk’. The idea was to inter-act and understand better the Goan-community, apart from the conventional image of Goa. The best statement he made was, we as artists we need to get out of our own way, which somehow acts as barriers. It’s like we already have this set of notions or concepts, so breaking away from those, I think such practices we need to inculcate. For as a photographer, every event and every process is an experience.


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