Day 1 – Tashi Norden

Since, I was the first who arrived to Goa-CAP, I had some time to know a little more about Goa. Madhavan and Edson the most humble artists I have ever met. It is truly an honor to have met them. Had a brief chat on cultures and Sikkim, and most importantly about the alternative practices that has already faded in the digital era. End of the day, definitely looking forward to meet with the other residents.

Day 1

Edson had told me earlier that Chetanya would be visiting us. Little did I know about Chetanya, and after I met him here in the center, I must say he is the Prof. the chemist, the saviour, the man. I am truly privileged to have met him. The other resident who arrived was Poornabodh, and was more surprised to know that he had come all the way from Bangalore on his honda unicorn.

Soon after, we started with our first day of the program. Arranging, organizing, cleaning sorting out you name them, and then Tanima and Uzma had also arrived. So our interaction was basically done while doing the work, and it was fun because I don’t like formal introductions and all that.

Edson and Chetanya, figuring out the arrangements.

Photo credit : Yukti Todi

Cleaning process.

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