Process 1 : The Daguerrotype

Process : The daguerrotype. It forms a latent image on the silvered copper plate.The copper plate is 2mm in thickness and is coated with silver (10 microns). It is then sensitized by exposing to iodine fumes in absolute darkness (duration of sensitization depends on ambient temperature. The temperature during this demo was around 31 degrees C and sensitizing was done for approximately 1 minute)

Resident Artist Poornabodh is experimenting and exploring this alternative process.

*Highly recommended : wear mask and gloves. Exposure and inhalation of Iodine fumes on long and repeated durations causes respiratory problems.

Cutting frames from cardboard to hold the daguerrotype plate in place while its being sensitized and later exposed and washed.

The sensitizing has to be done in total darkness. (candle light has been used for demo only)

The slide is best exposed in high contrast lighting conditions, the duration of exposing depends on the EV value (an exposure of 15 minutes was tried here for the first demo).

The second sensitization after the plate has been exposed.

The slide is then left in sunlight for processing. The slide is covered with amber lith which stops all other kinds of light besides UV from entering.

waiting for the sun.

for more info :

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