The beginning : Altlab Residency 2.0

The grassroots of Photography, a medium of the visual arts being traced back in time and essence. Goa AltLab facilitates and brings back the old school techniques and supports artists in the present world who want to foray back into the lost art forms and practice the craftsmanship that went into the creation of a photograph which in one way or the other is truly worth a story.

Step 1 : Turning the inside out. Cleaning up the most important space which will be in use over the upcoming time – the Dark room.

The AltLab residents getting warmed up

Chaitanya dusting off the last remains, almost set to re-start the cooling system for the dark room now.

*store film reels in a fridge to help retain the sensitivity.

Edson running through the equipment check.

Chemical Arbitration : It is essential to reconfirm the effectiveness of the developer and fixer before you begin your film processing. Hence.


..’image seekers, wanderers and dreamers, idealists on interventions – Seize the day while in the light.’


About Altlab Journal

ALTlab is a two month long alternative photography residency organized by Goa Center for Alternative Photography (Goa-CAP) in collaboration with India Foundation for the Arts.
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