THE SALT PRINTS 387 Km, 24 Days, 4 Artists

Dear Friends

Greetings from Goa

We are proud to present to you our new Project

THE SALT PRINTS is a contemporary artists’ march with the aim to retrace the historical “Dandi March – the 387 km walk from Sabarmati to Dandi”, which launched the history’s greatest non-violent battle, the civil disobedience campaign, headed by the father of the nation, the great Mahatma Gandhi in 1930.

This Dandi March in 2011 by a group of 4 artists aims to visualize the historical geography by collecting and capturing photographs throughout the walk to develop a visual narrative of people’s personal and collective memoirs about Gandhi and his philosophy.

The participating artists are, Ajit Bhadoriya, Edson Dias, Chaitanya Guttikar, and P. Madhavan who shall be equipped with the pinhole, medium format and large format cameras loaded with films. The march will start on the 6th of July from Sabarmati and will end at Dandi, Gujarat.

The four artist marchers have a commitment to teach 4 youth in the village where Gandhi rested for the day (List of villages). Four youth volunteers would be selected from the village and taught, by each of these marching artists, on the basic photography skills giving them an opportunity to visually represent their village and culture. This is a small step towards igniting youth’s imagination, creativity and self-expressionthrough photography.

This march being initiated by Goa-CAP aims to culminate with a series of photo-exhibitions, multimedia presentations and a book.

The total envisaged expenditure on the project is Rs.6,72,000/- (Six lakh seventy two thousand Rupees only / 16,000$). The fund required is not for the march but for the post production. We are looking for your valuable support to make this event a success.

Goa-CAP has established, THE SALT PRINTS fund account and those interested can easily and securely make contributions to this fund. Goa-CAP shall provide frequent updates to the donors regarding the utilization of funds.

There are several ways to pledge contributions to the aforesaid fund. The Indian donors may choose to contribute using an option best suited to them. For example we accept cheques, demand drafts, money orders and bank transfers.

We are working on the methods to receive international donations, meanwhile if you wish to donate please contact us at saltprints

We request your help in spreading the word around, about this project, to other interested institutions, friends, neighbors, and business associates. For more information about THE SALT PRINTS please visit our website You can also reach us at +91 9730103604.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in anticipation for considering this request.

Sincerely yours,

P. Madhavan

The Salt Prints


About Altlab Journal

ALTlab is a two month long alternative photography residency organized by Goa Center for Alternative Photography (Goa-CAP) in collaboration with India Foundation for the Arts.
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