Kirilian Photography

Kirlian photography [ˈkɜːlɪən]

(Physics / General Physics) a process that is said to record directly on photographic film the field radiation (namely Corona Discharge) of electricity emitted by an object (animate or inanimate object) to which an electric charge has been applied.

[Named after Semyan D. and Valentina K. Kirlian, Russian researchers who described the process]

Kirlian began his professional career as a repairer of electrical and scientific apparatus, present in its area. In 1939 , during a repair, he realized that flowed from one device to a glow that gave him a mild shock.Kirlian had the idea to repeat the experiment by placing a sheet of photosensitive paper between the electric glow, and his hand and looking at the same time, to resume with a photo, the image of what happened.

when photographing objects , one exposes the subject matter to light …

but in the case of Kirilian photographs one has to pass high voltage thru a copper plate and have the desired object to be photographed in contact with the copper plate..

Madhavan and me have come to a conculsion after varies trials and errors , thats we need high voltage than a 60watt bulb or a dismantled camera flash……we are looking at bigger larger objects….things like an old television set or a “big bummed “desk top…(donation are welcome )

shall post some results over the weekend of the first few exposures,of our first experiment …….

in the meantime some food for thought :

All of us produce micro pulses of electrical charge every time we move, think or have an emotional response to something. It’s a basic rule of physics that every electrical charge produces a corresponding electro-magnetic field.

One understanding of the Kirlian interpretation is that the vital energy body should fit the physical body like a glove. Holes, gaps, congestions and imbalances are signs of interruptions in the energy flow and indicate disparity between mind body and spirit while a continuous, smooth, even energy flow points to balance and equilibrium. These energetic signatures are made visible through the Kirlian electrograph process.

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One Response to Kirilian Photography

  1. Chris says:


    I’m from Bright Spark, we are a bespoke Kirlian art company based in the UK. We specialise in everything ‘Kirlian’ from hand interpretations to bespoke art projects.

    High voltage is not necessary to produce Kirlian photography, all our photos are shot with very low voltage and is completely safe for human subjects, higher frequency and exposure time is the key to achieving great results.

    Feel free to browse our site on there we have some great information about Kirlian photography, and lots of stunning Kirlian images to look through.

    Hope your experiments go well.

    Kind regards Chris

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