Saturday night parties.

Goa is a beautiful place. It has lots of beaches. We are living in a place from where every beach (Anjuna, Calangute, Vagator, Ozran and Baga) is just 10-15 minutes away. Which means that every night (almost) we visit the beach. But, saturday nights have not been very kind to us.

19th Feb. On our way to Vagator we stop on the road. Vidisha does not know how to ride the scooter, yet she sits on it and tries to ride it. We all start shouting from behind her asking her to slow down. Vidisha gets confused, she accelerates and applies the break at the same time…

Vidisha's leg after four days.

26th Feb. Vidisha wants to celebrate after some interview she had, she buys some wine for us and takes us to the beach. We drink and make merry at Anjuna, and  we set on our way back home. On the way a friend loses control of his bike and we spend the next day in the hospital.

Sethu's t-shirt that night.

We stopped getting out of the house on Saturday nights.

But on a sunday morning (13th March), Chandana had gone to get some eggs and bread for breakfast when dogs started to run behind her trying to grab Zeno (her dog) so she sped with her bike and…

Chandana's leg after a week.

This saturday we made a safe night out, we had to be on the beach on a full moon “day” (as Ajit calls it).

Each one of you should pray for us. Do you not want to see more alternative techniques “revived”?

*There was more blood, and injuries.

**All photographs are from Vidisha’s residency diary titled “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” Now you know why it is called that?


About Vidisha Fadescha

Vidisha Saini likes to queer utopia, gender, colonialism and history. Vidisha works with alter-egos (Fadescha), satire, tourism, memory, hyper-text and other performative mediums. She’s social as well as anti-social. Saini's recent performances and exhibitions include 'Building On Ruins', Cirrus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Nov- Feb '14; 'A Bomb With Ribbon Around It', Queens Museum, New York, Dec-Jan'14; 'Indian-American Bread', Center Artists Lab, Santa Fe, NM, Oct'13; 'Cinderella Ashtray', Concord Space, Los Angeles, CA, October'13. Saini holds a MFA in Photography & Media, and Integrated Media from California Institute of the Arts. website:
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