Abhinay/Binoy (not too sure.)

Rajan chai stall is where we go and have tea in the evening. Vidisha has been very bored these days. Those who have been around her for a while would know how she picks up people from places and takes these mugshots of theirs. So, the photograph you see above is a mugshot of the boy she brought to the centre (Goa- CAP) one evening (26th feb).

But one wasn’t enough, once she had removed the framed photographs from the wall and shifted tables to make space for one to stand, she wanted more people. So, here are portraits of people who are  a part of ALTlab residency. Some friends and some missing participants.

P Madhavan (Founder/ Director Goa CAP)


Edson Dias (Founder/ Director Goa CAP)

Under cover Doctor. (Goa- CAP)

Shreyasi Kar (Artist- in- residence)

Ajit Bhadoriya (Artist- in- residence)

Vidisha Saini (Artist- in- residence)

Sethuraman (Visitor)

One also knows that being behind the camera is not the only thing that Vidisha likes to do. And one photo is never enough. So here are some more, made with help of Ajit and Shreyasi.

(One of the roll was hand developed by Sethu, see how beautiful his hands look on the film. )


Vidisha & Edson.

All at ALTlab.


About Vidisha Fadescha

Vidisha Saini likes to queer utopia, gender, colonialism and history. Vidisha works with alter-egos (Fadescha), satire, tourism, memory, hyper-text and other performative mediums. She’s social as well as anti-social. Saini's recent performances and exhibitions include 'Building On Ruins', Cirrus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Nov- Feb '14; 'A Bomb With Ribbon Around It', Queens Museum, New York, Dec-Jan'14; 'Indian-American Bread', Center Artists Lab, Santa Fe, NM, Oct'13; 'Cinderella Ashtray', Concord Space, Los Angeles, CA, October'13. Saini holds a MFA in Photography & Media, and Integrated Media from California Institute of the Arts. website:
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