Session #1

Session#1 with the critic (Apoorva).

We received around 80 applications for the residency. We were extremely impressed by how many of you are thinking deeply about Alternative Photography, and framing your photography projects in those terms. It feels exciting for us to be a part of this growing community.

The Selection Panel consisted of an independent art critic, a representative from the India Foundation for the Arts, and the Goa-CAP team. The selection panel mainly looked into the applicant’s understanding of the concept of Alternative Photography and his/her willingness to experiment with unexplored photography processes. The panel also reviewed the potency of the proposal, image and quality of the artist statement.

These factors helped us narrow our choices to finally select Ajit Bhadoriya (New Delhi), Chandana Gupta (Mumbai), Shreyasi Kar (Bengaluru) and Vidisha Saini (New Delhi).

Following are images from the first seesion of the residency from when it kicked off!

L to R- Apoorva Kulkarni (Mentor), Shreyasi Kar (Resident Artist), Ajit Bhadoriya (Resident Artist)

L to R- Chandana Gupta (Resident Artist), Vidisha Saini (Resident Artist)


About Altlab Journal

ALTlab is a two month long alternative photography residency organized by Goa Center for Alternative Photography (Goa-CAP) in collaboration with India Foundation for the Arts.
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